Friday, July 16, 2010

Science And Sand

It's hot. Like, melt your face off hot. Real feel is 110 degrees, and the humidity is unbearable. What happens when it's so hot outside you can hardly move, yet the kids are aching to "wanna go?" as Aidan would put it? Indoor activities are your only option!!!!

Quick research on the internet, and we were planning a fun filled day for the kiddos on the west coast of the state! So, we packed up the car with all the sippy cups, movies and baby wipes the minivan could handle, and we were on our way!
The over the shoulder shot of the little one.

A long drive filled with "Are we there yet?" and "How much further" and an occasional toy thrown up to the front seat, and we arrived at our first destination. Great Explorations Children's Museum in St. Petersburg is a brightly colored museum filled with all kinds of scientific and fun filled activities for the kidlets. I think Alex spent about 90% of his time making robots and testing them out.

Monkey kept running around the Museum, squealing with delight. He wanted to touch everything, just like the big kids.

  After spending around 4 hours at the Museum, we headed to Largo for a little slice of Pennsylvania. The Amish Country Store stocks all kinds of Pennsylvania goodness: ring bologna, Middleswarth Chips, A-Treat soda, Amish canned goods, etc etc. Considering I spent $6 on a bag of chips, I must have really been yearning the stuff pretty fierce!

We drove down the coast, breathing in the salty sea air and trying to shield the kids from the glaring sun that poured into our van. I love the summer, but the sun's rays are so brutal! We finally made it to John's Pass Village and Boardwalk in Madeira Beach. It's a cute little shopping village, reminiscent of boardwalks on the East Coast. We slurped clam chowder and fried fish doused in vinegar at the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant, did a little shopping for tiny pirate ships and sipped a Kohr's orange drink (a popular drink at the Bloomsburg Fair, where we are originally from). It was a gorgeous afternoon, if not a little too hot.

The sun was beginning to set. The boys were hot and sweaty. A quick trip to Clearwater Beach to see the bright orange sunset was in order.

By the time we arrived home, both boys were half asleep and were dreaming sweet dreams as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Mission: accomplished!

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  1. That sounds like a seriously perfect day! We went to Lancaster for vacation this summer and the stores look JUST like that one!

    I am super jealous of your coast :) So pretty and sunny and sandy!

    I am visiting via your comment at Enjoying the Small things today. I always love to say hi to a few comment leavers near mine. I know I will love anyone that loves that blog : ) Nice to meet you!