Saturday, August 29, 2009

Second Grade

Dear Punky,

This week you started second grade. I was nervous, because last year ended badly for you. You seemed to cry every morning. because you were "scared" to go to school. You didn't pay attention to the teacher and had difficulty finishing your work. Your teacher loved you and thought you were one of the smartest of the first graders, but you just weren't paying attention the second half of the year. I knew it was because of your baby brother. It was a hard adjustment for you. Not because you were jealous of him, but because you weren't the baby anymore. Plus, you missed us when we weren't around. I think your baby brother took a lot of the time we used to give you for 8 years...and it was making you anxious, nervous and tired. You weren't acting out by being "bad" or creating attention. You withdrew at school, and missed us so much when we weren't around. So, I was nervous about second grade.

On your first day, you woke up and the tears started to come. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, you stopped the tears and put on your Spiderman backpack. You left for school with Daddy (because you said you would miss me too much if I went with you), and tears welled up in my eyes. I shut the door, and cried many many tears. When Daddy returned from dropping you off, he said you did wonderful. You were excited to show your school supplies to your new friends and you barely had time to tell Daddy goodbye.

There are no more tears. Your teacher has already sent a note home that says you are doing great. You've made friends and you've come home excited about your day.

I'm so proud of you Punky. Your first week of second grade went great!!!!

Love, Mama

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For My Family.....

I realized I never wrote a post about what I'm doing this blog for. I don't really care if no one ever reads it. I'm not writing it to entertain anyone or make money. I'm not writing it in the hopes that I'll one day win a prize or award. I'm writing it as a journal. A way to keep track of the little things for my family. Maybe one day it will be more..but for now..I'm content that I'm the only one reading this.

Punky Says.....

I said to Punky last night, "I don't want you to grow up."
He said, "Mom, I'm sorry. There is no way you can fix this. Little boys become teenagers and then grow into adults. I'm sorry, but this is important."

He makes me laugh.

Moments later, he pointed to me and said, "Look at that heroic chin! And those monkey ears!"

hmph. monkey ears, eh????

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Wish...

I have many wishes. I hope some come true in my lifetime.

  • I wish I didn't worry so much.

  • I wish I had saved more and spent less in my 20's.

  • I wish I had more of a need for fancy shoes.

  • I wish I wore more skirts and dresses and less jeans and shorts.

  • I wish I didn't read/watch stories about abuse of children. It upsets me too much.

  • I wish I didn't get so frustrated with my husband and had more patience with him.

  • I wish I never had to raise my voice with my children.

  • I wish I cooked healthier food and that my family would eat it.

  • I wish I could lose weight with a pill, or a twitch of the nose.

  • I wish I had a maid.

  • I wish I wasn't so stubborn.

  • I wish I had graduated from college with a more practical degree.

  • I wish skinny jeans didn't exist..or that I would look good in them.

  • I wish the Christmas season would last all year long.

  • I wish that I could sing, play the piano or knit.

  • I wish my family would never get sick or hurt.

  • I wish I travelled more.

  • I wish I wasn't so afraid to talk to new people.

  • I wish my kids would always be so innocent and little.

I wish the beach was in my backyard.