Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Wish...

I have many wishes. I hope some come true in my lifetime.

  • I wish I didn't worry so much.

  • I wish I had saved more and spent less in my 20's.

  • I wish I had more of a need for fancy shoes.

  • I wish I wore more skirts and dresses and less jeans and shorts.

  • I wish I didn't read/watch stories about abuse of children. It upsets me too much.

  • I wish I didn't get so frustrated with my husband and had more patience with him.

  • I wish I never had to raise my voice with my children.

  • I wish I cooked healthier food and that my family would eat it.

  • I wish I could lose weight with a pill, or a twitch of the nose.

  • I wish I had a maid.

  • I wish I wasn't so stubborn.

  • I wish I had graduated from college with a more practical degree.

  • I wish skinny jeans didn't exist..or that I would look good in them.

  • I wish the Christmas season would last all year long.

  • I wish that I could sing, play the piano or knit.

  • I wish my family would never get sick or hurt.

  • I wish I travelled more.

  • I wish I wasn't so afraid to talk to new people.

  • I wish my kids would always be so innocent and little.

I wish the beach was in my backyard.

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