Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vacation in Vero!

Our trip to Disney's Vero Beach Resort was one of the best vacations to date! We had a week to relax, unwind and play in our paradise! We mini-golfed, collected seashells, swam a lot, ordered pizza and wings on the "front porch", watched a few (ok, a lot) of Disney cartoon classics, enjoyed board games, ate ice cream at the beach, had a singalong at the campfire, danced late night in the lobby (to the tunes of the artist in the bar above the lobby) and enjoyed each other's company for one blissful week!

On our way home, we stopped in Titusville to see the Spacewalk Park, that sits along the inlet across from Kennedy Space Center. While we were walking out on the dock, we spotted our first manatee in the wild! It was huge and beautiful...and totally cool to see!!!

And I think Punky's favorite souvenir of the trip: his hermit crabs! He named them Gary and Larry and they now reside in our home (with more "homey" stuff added to their cage). They really are fun to watch and to hold. And to have hermit crab races!!!!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning Sunday! ha!

Early this week because I need to plan a little before our vacation! Yay!

Sunday (March 14): changing the menu tomorrow to
Stuffed Shells and garlic bread

Monday (March 15):
Ham, scalloped cheesy potatoes, veggie

Tuesday (March 16):
Monterrey chicken quesadillas, corn

Wednesday (March 17):
Jambalaya, chirros

Thursday (March 18):

Friday (March 19):
Sticky drumsticks, potatoes, veggie

Saturday (March 20):
Waffles, eggs, bacon

Sunday (March 21):

Will also make and freeze for vacation:
Ham Tarts, monster cookies, pancakes, fruit dip, guacamole, salsa, chicken salad, English muffin pizza kit

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Menu Planning Monday (a day early 'cause I always forget on Mondays!)...also, the veggies and fruit may vary since we are going to the farmer's market tomorrow to pick out some fresh, organic goods!

Monday (March 8):
Marinated Steaks on the grill, grilled veggies, sweet potato fries

Tuesday (March 9):
Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday (March 10):
Ham, cheezy Au gratin potatoes, fresh green beans

Thursday (March 11):
Grilled chicken with rustic mustard cream sauce , pasta, grilled veggies

Friday (March 12):
Homemade Pizza

Saturday (March 13):

Sunday (March 14):
Spaghetti, garlic bread

I'm also going to make some food items that we'd like to take with us on vacation. The food will be frozen and reheated at the resort, so I'd like to try some recipes out now (and reheat them at home to see if they stand up well.)

I will be making:
Virginia Ham Tarts
Pizza Roll Ups
Pizza Bagels
Monterrey Chicken Quesadillas
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cups
Taco Meat

I realize this is a lot to make, so I may not get to it all this week. Whatever I don't get to will carry over to next week.

Friday, March 5, 2010


There are times in my life that I have questioned God. I've become angry, frustrated, confused with God. I would ask "why God?" and usually, the answer would come. Not right away, but eventually. Whenever something negative would happen in my life, there was a reason. Whether it was a change in lifestyle, the way I thought, a new challenge, a new bundle of joy...there was always a reason. And in the end, I knew God was providing me with an answer to the negativity and the "whys".

Then something like this happens: Layla Grace . And there is nothing in the world you could say or do to convince me that there is an answer to the why. I'm angry, frustrated, and confused with God today. I don't understand why he/she would choose to allow a child to be in pain. Why should a child suffer like this??? You can say all you want about how she was put on Earth for a reason..and her cancer that will kill her within the next few hours happened for a reason. You can say she was an angel on Earth, put here to affect millions of make them aware of what they took for granted. blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is: a 2 year old is going to die a very painful death after suffering for nearly 2 years. FACT. A little girl was put on this Earth to suffer and die. And I don't care what the reasoning's just not fair. It's cruel, and it's inhumane. I just don't understand it. And it makes me angry.