Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vacation in Vero!

Our trip to Disney's Vero Beach Resort was one of the best vacations to date! We had a week to relax, unwind and play in our paradise! We mini-golfed, collected seashells, swam a lot, ordered pizza and wings on the "front porch", watched a few (ok, a lot) of Disney cartoon classics, enjoyed board games, ate ice cream at the beach, had a singalong at the campfire, danced late night in the lobby (to the tunes of the artist in the bar above the lobby) and enjoyed each other's company for one blissful week!

On our way home, we stopped in Titusville to see the Spacewalk Park, that sits along the inlet across from Kennedy Space Center. While we were walking out on the dock, we spotted our first manatee in the wild! It was huge and beautiful...and totally cool to see!!!

And I think Punky's favorite souvenir of the trip: his hermit crabs! He named them Gary and Larry and they now reside in our home (with more "homey" stuff added to their cage). They really are fun to watch and to hold. And to have hermit crab races!!!!

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