Friday, March 5, 2010


There are times in my life that I have questioned God. I've become angry, frustrated, confused with God. I would ask "why God?" and usually, the answer would come. Not right away, but eventually. Whenever something negative would happen in my life, there was a reason. Whether it was a change in lifestyle, the way I thought, a new challenge, a new bundle of joy...there was always a reason. And in the end, I knew God was providing me with an answer to the negativity and the "whys".

Then something like this happens: Layla Grace . And there is nothing in the world you could say or do to convince me that there is an answer to the why. I'm angry, frustrated, and confused with God today. I don't understand why he/she would choose to allow a child to be in pain. Why should a child suffer like this??? You can say all you want about how she was put on Earth for a reason..and her cancer that will kill her within the next few hours happened for a reason. You can say she was an angel on Earth, put here to affect millions of make them aware of what they took for granted. blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is: a 2 year old is going to die a very painful death after suffering for nearly 2 years. FACT. A little girl was put on this Earth to suffer and die. And I don't care what the reasoning's just not fair. It's cruel, and it's inhumane. I just don't understand it. And it makes me angry.