Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Random July Weekend

We like to soak up life and live it to the fullest. If it means spending our "weekend" sitting at home and enjoying time together, then so it is. And it is grand. Sometimes, we venture out a little..taking in the sights and sounds of our area. We live in a very touristy, very amusement oriented city. We like to seek out the "secret" places to have fun, to explore. And we often do this by visiting resorts and exploring. And, so, this is how we began our weekend.

After a big pizza dinner with my Mom and Dad, our little family decided to head over to Disney's Polynesian Resort. It's a beautiful, relaxing resort with lots to see and do. Our first stop was the pool area to check out the massive volcano. After walking through lush tropical foliage and amid glowing tiki torches, we made our way to the stunning pool.

The pool lies directly next to the beach, where we took in the Electric Water Pageant. The dancing lights were awesome, as usual, and then we settled in for a fireworks display like no other. Summer Nightastic at the Magic Kingdom is a beautiful show, and we could see and hear (thanks to the speaker behind us) the show right from the beach. Summer memories for sure!

We ended our night with a late night snack at Captain Cooks and then played a few rounds of games in the arcade.

The following day, we woke up with no plans except to play with the boys and relax. There is nothing that says summer more than grilling cheeseburgers and corn on the cob wrapped in aluminum foil! Legos were the hit of the day for the big kid, and the little one amused us with his new found love of repeating and doing everything big brother does! That kid cracks me up!

Our night ended with sparklers in the driveway, followed by a viewing of Alice In Wonderland and big bowls of ice cream.

Our weekends are the best. Whether we're relaxing at home, exploring our surroundings or playing at a theme park.....we are savoring the little moments!!!


  1. Those fireworks pictures are amazing! And can you believe I've never played with sparklers? It looks like I'm missing out!

  2. We go to Orlando (from Ontario Canada) once a year. I had no idea you take in the fireworks show from there! Oh and what a view:)