Friday, January 1, 2010


2009 was a fabulous year. It's not to say there wasn't a lot of upsets, but the good far outweigh the bad. One of the things I wish I could have changed was to stress so much less and enjoy so much more. So, I wrote a letter to myself, had I had the foresight to know what was going to happen in 2009:

January: You are 8.5 months pregnant and about to move into a new home. Please relax and try not to get so stressed because your wonderful family is going to help sooooo much. You will barely have to lift a finger. Unfortunately, your husband is going to lose his job only a few weeks before you are to give birth. It's going to be hard. It's going to be rough. But you WILL get through it. He will find another job, I promise. In the meantime, do what you are going to do and do what needs to be done. Chin up and stay strong.

February: You will give birth to a beautiful, perfect little boy. Don't worry so much about the repeat c-section. Everything will go as planned with no complications. A little forewarning: DO NOT allow your 7 year old see you in the surgical room seconds after giving birth. He will see you through the window, along with your other family members, and think the doctors are trying to kill you. He will be VERY upset. It's probably best just to let him wait outside until you're back in the hospital bedroom. Afterwords, take video (not just pictures) because you will want to record the moment your oldest son fell in love with your youngest. The brotherly bonding moments will be precious.

March: Don't worry about "how will I get everything done with a newborn, try to recover from a c-section and take care of a 7 year old?" Your Mom is the best and will be there for you, every step of the way. Unfortunately, your Mom will lose her job with Disney due to mass layoffs. She will be heartbroken. It will be very hard for your entire family to let go of something that meant so much to you. However, life goes on and you will realize that the Disney Corp is NOT the parks and you can move on. Your husband will be amazing at home, taking care of everything that needs to be done. Be patient with him and remember that it's his first time with a newborn child. Also, he will find another job this month. Everything will be ok.

April: Your oldest turns 8. Don't worry about a perfect birthday party because it's not gonna happen (the perfection) but he will have a blast no matter what. He will talk about it all year. Your brother will be back in the hospital due to complications with his kidney. He is still waiting on a transplant and will have an infection. Everything will be ok, and he will continue with his dialysis at home. Be there for him and try not to think about "what if" so much.

May: You will visit with Stacy and her family in Vero Beach. You'll have a wonderful, relaxing time. Do not hesitate to book that trip!!! Also, you might want to add on another night, as they will be booked solid and you will have to stay at an off site hotel for your last night (a last minute decision). However, you will NOT regret this trip. It's so worth it for your sanity!!! It's a much needed vacation from life's trials and tribulations.

June: Your Dad will be in the hospital this month. He will be ok. Visit him as much as you can and be thankful it wasn't serious.

July: This is a great summer month. There will be lots of swimming in pools and at the beach. You'll see fireworks, enjoy Sea World and get a little used to the heat. Enjoy the summer, it will pass by quickly!

August: Not much to report about this month. It's going to be hot though. And humid. More so than you thought or imagined. Hang in there, it will be chilly in a few months...

September: Don't struggle all month with deciding whether or not you want to take Punky out of school and into homeschooling. Just do it! He will prosper and do so well in the first few months, you will not regret it. Also, you will FINALLY see Britney Spears in concert. It will be a night you will never forget. Do not feel weird about being almost 33 and seeing her. There will be hundreds of other women your age who are there as well. And, you're gonna have the best time with your Mom! Truly, an incredible night!

October: This is the month you will decide to home school Punky. Don't stress, it's going to work out. Also, you start going to church and find that it's something you actually enjoy and look forward to. Use this time to really reflect on the person you want to be and make the changes to do so. October also finds a short trip to St. Augustine and Jacksonville with your Mom, husband and the kids. Your Mom and Dad will offer to get a hotel room, and it will be fun! Again, this trip is much needed for a little relaxation and getaway time. DO NOT HESITATE TO GO. Halloween will be fun for the kids, but just skip trunk or treating at the school. Punky will get lots of candy, but the line will be entirely too long for the activities and food. Find another trunk or treat place or just do some regular trick or treating in the neighborhood. Also, turn off your porch light before the hoards of teens and kids not dressed up come knocking at your door for Halloween! Absolutely have the Halloween party for Punky during the day, even if you think it will be a lot of work for such a small amount of time/people. It will make his day more special and he will not miss being at school for their party. He will laugh HYSTERICALLY at your Mom and Dad, who will also dress up. Everyone will have a great time! You'll also want to make it a family tradition.

November: This month you start prep for the upcoming holiday season. Don't worry, everything will go smoothly this year. The food will be great, so don't sweat it in the kitchen. You are going to put your tree up midNovember...but beware. One of the lights on the prelit tree will catch on fire. Catch it quickly and nothing will come of it. You'll just have to use the other lights you have. Be thankful nothing tragic happens and that you caught it in time!

December: It's going to financially be a rough month. You won't see much child support, so plan ahead. Even though it's going to be financially difficult (too many bills!) you will still have one of the best holidays you will ever have had. The children will find it magical and the family will create many traditions and memories. Stay true to what you believe in and trust that you are making the right choices. Everyone will have a wonderful Christmas. But you might want to cut down on the cookie baking, there will be waaaay too many! On the 31st, don't bother with CityWalk. The 300 million long line for beer, crowds and traffic will not be worth it. Just stay home with the kids, which is really where you want to be anyway.

Enjoy the year, Kelly. Your kids are growing so fast, you'll blink your eye and it will be 2010. Love with all your heart, dance with abandon, sing at the top of your lungs and smile as often as possible. Say yes more to Punky, concentrate on slowing down and be still. Remember during the trials and tribulations, this too shall pass. Everything happens for a reason. Happy New Year!

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