Thursday, January 14, 2010

My heart aches...

Haiti was already the poorest country in our part of the world. Not far from the coast of Florida, many immigrate here for a better life, to raise their families in a wealthy country, to work and send money back to family and friends still in Haiti. I've known so many Haitians while working for Disney. A few close enough that I would call them friends. And now my heart breaks for them.

A 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, very close to Port-au-Prince (the capital). They are saying thousands upon thousands are dead. Dead bodies are lining the streets, many are buried under the rubble. Children's hospitals and daycares are destroyed, with many children trapped, and most likely dead, inside. And now my heart breaks for them.

In 2008, Haiti was pounded by hurricane after hurricane. Homes were destroyed, many people were misplaced. No money to rebuild. And now this. Even the palace was destroyed. And now my heart breaks for them.

I hold my children today a little tighter. I kiss my husband longer. Because I can. Today. I have a roof over my head, food in my kitchen, and running water in my home. But still, my heart breaks for those in Haiti...and those who are left behind.

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