Friday, December 4, 2009

Rainy and Cold

I don't think I get to say those two words in Central Florida very much: rainy and cold. But it is, finally! Not that I enjoy the rain so much...but combine it with some coldness and it's perfect on this December day. You see, we didn't have much planned for the day. Just some homeschooling, a little game playing and movie watching.

It started off with some studying about adjectives. Boring, yes. But when it involves the Grinch and Cindy Lou-Who, who was no more than two, it's a little more fun.

Next came math. Trying to get Punky up to speed on non-digital clocks. ugh. I'm soooo not a math teacher, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Punky and his Dad built some forts out of legos, for their Lego Santa and Elf, after our short homeschooling lesson for today. They quickly switched to the Wii while I prepared dinner and packed some more for our upcoming trip. Also, Monkey is learning how to use a sippy cup, so I think I may have picked it up off the floor after he intentionally dropped it, oh, 535 gatrillion times. Monkey has also learned how to pull up and cruise and crawl at speeds of lightning so he's keeping my on my toes lately. I can't even tell you how many cups of water/milk/soda I've had to clean up already from little hands that pulled them from tables. LOL Thank goodness we pretty much baby proofed the house a few months ago.

Well, it's dark again outside and still raining. Tonight, Punky and I plan on doing more reading about the Grinch and possibly doing a craft or two. He's been reading ferociously lately, so I want to keep that habit up!

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