Saturday, December 19, 2009


We completely abandoned homeschooling, for the most part, this week. There is just too much excitement and too much to get done! I figure most schools are off anyway (at least in Florida) so he's not really missing much. We ARE doing SOME homeschooling though. Gotta love that Grinch Unit! Plus, art class and home-ec have definitely been taught in full force.

One of our favorite crafts we've done together has been the Elf making. I never giggled so much with Punky while making a craft, ever.

Another favorite was making gingerbread houses....a tradition we'll always keep.

Recently, a cousin of mine posted a link to a site where you can create a video from Santa that is highly personalized for your child. I created one for Punky. And oh my god. Best thing I've ever done! It was so magical, so personal. Punky was in awe. He even had tears in his eyes he was so happy. Of course, that made me burst into tears. The magic is definitely alive in our house!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my belief in preserving the magic and memories, rather than focusing on the toys and the "stuff." I'll be posting soon about what I've been thinking and feeling. Also, I'm going to create a post about what we bought the kiddos for Christmas and a wish list of items I would love to purchase one day.

(Pictures and link will be added soon)

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