Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Grinch And Epcot

I can already tell that homeschooling in December is going to be very relaxed. We have a lot of activities and events planned...and a whole lot of learnin'...but our schedule is going to be very relaxed, for sure.

We started our unit on How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Very fun so far!!! We've read the book a few times. I've forgotten how much fun Dr. Seuss books are to read out loud!!! Even Punky was begging to read it over and over himself. Love it. Anyway, we've only been at it for a couple of days, but so far, so good. Yesterday Punky started writing his own Seuss-like story. I think he'll be working on it for a few days, along with drawing illustrations for it. We've talked about plot and character so far, and we'll be delving more into the storyline soon. I'm going to have him do some work on adjectives and adverbs to the well as other parts of speech. And before next week, we'll do a craft or two about the Grinch.

He's still doing fairly well with his math. It's the subject I like teaching the least, as it was always my least favorite subject in school. But, I've learned to fake my interest in it, and I'm pretty sure Punky has no idea that I dislike the subject.

It seems like ever since we started homeschooling, Punky has been asking more and more questions..ABOUT EVERYTHING. It seems like he can't go five minutes without asking a question. And I love it! Sometimes his questions are so intricate and hard, I have to look them up myself! I definitely think it's a good sign that his reading has improved (even though he was already reading at a much higher level when we brought him home to learn), his math skills are on target and he seems so much more interested in learning.

For fun tonight, we went to Epcot at Disney with my Mom and Dad. Punky was able to participate in the Kim Possible Secret Agent activity throughout the park. He was given a cell phone at the start, and told to follow the clues. I didn't realize how interactive it would be!!! It was so much fun! One of the clues had us find the steins in a German store...and when we told the cell phone we were there, the steins started singing. It was hysterical! Punky even made a gigantic 2 story glockenspiel chime and activate right in the middle of the square. So fun! It was a great lesson in geography, logistics and sequencing! The following is a pic of the two guys playing the game:

While at Epcot, Punky spent a great deal of time at the different aquariums in the Living Seas. He learned all about cuttlefish (even asking to bring some home, ugh), lion fish, and many other fish! He could have spent all night in there! The following is a short video of the cuttlefish we saw:

So many learning opps at Epcot! But we also had a lot of fun too! We enjoyed Illuminations with a special Holiday ending (fireworks show), a few rides and some good food. We learned how to make animals out of sugar candy in Japan (Punky got a shark), about some holiday traditions in other countries and that John O' Hurley has a great speaking voice! (he did the narration at the Candlelight Processional that evening).

Tonight, my leg and feet are aching from all that walking. But it was definitely worth it! Little Monkey had a blast too, as well as everyone else in the family!

Next thing we have to look forward to: a trip to South Carolina next week to see Husband's side of the family! Can't wait!

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