Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer 2010

In Florida, it often feels like we have summer 365 days of the year. In actuality, we DO have four seasons, just less noticeable than our northern states. Our leaves turn fall colors (mostly in the winter), we sometimes wear fleece and flannel in the colder months (the temps can dip into the low 30's), and we enjoy spring-like temps for many months of the year. There is no denying, though, that summer is not timid, not weak and not unnoticeable. The heat hits you like a ton of bricks when you open your door, even at 7am. The sun threatens with it's horrific rays, you are constantly seeking out air conditioning, and searching for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE to go indoors on weekends.

That being said, I grew up in PA. Summers are/were hot and humid...but nothing like I've experienced here in Florida. So, while I can barely take the heat here mid afternoon, summer still conjures up memories of PA summers where my brother and I would build forts out of sheets and a clothes line. Images of eating popsicles under a big tree, where we often hung from it's branches or made mud soup in it's tangled base. Memories of sparkling pools, playing badminton, big picnics and sidewalk chalk come to mind. Road trips and driving down country roads with our windows rolled get the idea.

So, no matter how hot, no matter how brutal...I find it necessary to recreate some of these summer, childhood memories for my children. I hope they don't remember the heat and humidity. I hope they remember the good times, the laughter and the deliciousness of summer.

And with that, here is my Summer 2010 To Do List, for now. I'm sure I'll be adding more as the summer progresses!!! Enjoy. What's on your list???

1.Road trip to the Isles of Capri and Naples (check)

2.Try out every Disney Resort pool we haven't been to yet

3.Popsicles. Eat 'em as much as possible!

4. Sidewalk chalk it up in our driveway (check)

5.Road trip to Sarasota

6.Eat at a seafood shack

7.Visit the Orlando Science Museum or similar

8.See Summer Nightastic at Magic Kingdom

9.Yard sale to destash and declutter

10.Christmas in July with a big turkey dinner, little presents and activities

11.July 4th with bomb pops, flags and fireworks (check)

12.Have Alex write a book report on a chapter book (probably a Magic Tree House)

13.Visit Titanic Exhibition with Alex

14.Play as many yard games as possible

15.Kelly Park Springs for tubing/snorkeling/swimming

16.Picnic at Rollins College and take pictures of kids

17.Visit Dinosaur Museum in Cocoa

18.Make shell crafts with our hundreds of shells

19.Go to a local baseball game

20.Blow bubbles in the grass

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