Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Return

I've been away from here for far too long. I need to get back here, to this writing thing. So, here is my return.
I've been reading Kelle Hampton's blog for quite some time now, and she seems to take all my thoughts, ideas and hopes...and creates these magnificent blog posts with them (I'm pretty sure she can read my mind... lol). She's a typical Mama, with two very special daughters, and her words magically transport me into dreamland. I heart them. Anyway, her posts about the Isles of Capri and Naples made me NEED to travel there. Yes, I said NEED. So, my Mom offered to help out on a little road trip southwest to this beautiful heaven.

It was the first thing we were able to check off on our "Summer 2010 T0-Do List". (More to come later on that!) The day was perfect, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. The crystal blue waters of Naples are to.die.for. Punky enjoyed the calm waters, where you could see the fish swimming around your feet; and shell hunting was easy. Monkey loved splashing in his inner tube and digging in the sand with his toes. We ate on the Isles of Capri, at a tiki hut called Capri Fish House. The local dog, Julie, made the boys laugh; and their private beach provided Florida Fighting Conch shells, weird looking jellyfish type creatures, and a dock perfect for picture taking. Back on Naples Beach, we took in one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen (even beating out Key West in my opinion). We floated at sea, watching the sun settle in for the night with it's bright orange crescendo. It was stunning. And will never be forgotten.

The perfect start to a perfect summer.

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