Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter At Our House

Easter was nice and relaxing this year! A few days prior, we dyed our Easter eggs. Punky had a Transformers kit so he stuck some stickers and wrote on some, and we just left the rest plain. Even Monkey got in on the action by dunking a few! It's always one of our favorite "crafts" to do!
And here is the final product:
On Easter morning, the boys awoke to find baskets for everyone! Each boy received 2 books: Punky got Eyewitness: China and The Lorax. Monkey got a soft cloth spring book and I Am A Bunny board book (which I adored). They also received a DVD: Punky got Up and Monkey got Max and Ruby at Easter. (Mommy and Daddy also received Donald Duck Classic Cartoons and The Princess And The Frog). Each boy received a toy: Punky got a Zhu Zhu Pet and Monkey got a stuffed elephant. They also got a few little trinkets (Punky got a lego set, bubbles, etc...Monkey got Little People). Just a few pieces of candy was given as well, but it hardly ever gets eaten, so the Bunny held back a little this year! Monkey showed me each and every single thing in his basket. He was so happy and so content! The Easter Bunny also left them an egg hunt in the front and back yard!!! Punky had a basket full of little eggs (some filled with money) and Monkey had larger eggs filled with Sesame St. characters! So adorable! They had a lot of fun!
Easter dinner was at my parents' house, and my Mom cooked a delicous ham meal!!! We watched a few episodes of "Life" on the Discovery Channel, did a little bike riding and enjoyed the day together as a family. It was perfect!

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