Sunday, October 25, 2009

Humdrum Day

Up until today, we've completed a solar system mural, solar system model, many worksheets, coloring sheets and quizzes. We've used a number of computer programs, games and dvds to enhance our learning. We've even gone on a field trip to see The Christmas Carol Train Tour, St. Augustine beach and Castillo De San Marcos. We've got a lot of activities planned for the future.

Just wanted to catch up on what we've already done.

Today was a pretty humdrum day. We finally bought a much needed bookshelf for our various educational materials. Punky completed a math worksheet (2 sided) and used bear math manipulates to figure out the answers. He also did a little multiple choice train quiz, which I mostly gave him to follow up on the train tour we did and to get him reading some bigger words (locomotive, engineer, etc). He also did about an hours worth of Jumpstart 3rd grade. He seems to gravitate towards the math parts of the CD Rom. He also watched a short space video on On his own, while I was cleaning up the house, I noticed Punk grabbed a Cranium word book/game and was playing with the mazes. So, not a super productive day, but at least he did do a little work. He did manage to spend a lot of time on the floor playing with his baby brother. They've been playing well together lately, and I hope this continues.

In other news, I can't believe Monkey is 8 months old! He already has his fifth tooth! His third and fourth came in a few weeks ago and now the fifth one has sprung up! Such a big boy! He also pulled up to a standing position in the hotel crib in Jacksonville. He's learning how to sit up from lying down on his own and he sits really well now. I've noticed he's been rolling around to get where he wants to be, but gets very frustrated when he's on his belly. :) He's babbling like crazy now, and smiles allllll the time. Whenever he sees a camera, he grins from ear and to ear, as if to say "cheese". Such a cutie.

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