Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre Halloween Fun

I forgot to post our adventures on Monday. We didn't do anything extraordinary. Punky did a few math worksheets, using his bear manipulates and then we rolled the math dice to do some multiple adding. He grows bored fairly quickly to math worksheets(who doesn't?) so we switched to language arts. We read "Where The Wild Things Are", and Punky then orally narrated it back to me. I was surprised at how much he retained and how much he enjoyed the story. In fact, he loved it so much, he wanted me to reread the story a few times. We talked about the art and choice of words...and how much it enhanced the story.

Not long after, I had to write down a few recipes I wanted for the rest of the week (using the Internet), so Punk decided to write a few of his own recipes (3, in fact). He did a fairly detailed recipe for a special soup he wanted to make (using frog legs and chocolate...hmmm). He drew pictures detailing what exactly to put in the soup, and then wrote out the directions.

Back to science, we talked about some early astronomers and their accomplishments. He wanted to read a few space books, so we concluded our lesson by reading a few.

Later that night, while I read some of "The Creative Family" by Soule, Punky read a few books of his own. We listened to jazz piano music; and every so often, would talk about what we were reading. I love this independent reading time, because I love to watch the expressions on his face as he quietly reads on his own. It's too precious for words.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally our days off from "school", as it's my husbands' days off. "It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" was playing on ABC, and because we don't have cable tv, we ventured to my parents' house for dinner and a little tv. Beforehand, we stopped at Books A Million and picked up a few books and games. "Fables" and "Frog and Toad Together" by Lobel are two of my favorite illustrated books for kids. I also purchased "The First Thanksgiving" for our unit study next month, as well as an American history book for later on in the year. I saw a Brainquest game for 2nd graders and picked this up as well.

We had a delicious pork loin dinner that my mother lovingly made for us and then settled in for some Charlie Brown. We all had a good laugh, even Monkey loved the show. Punky decided to stay overnight at his Grammy and Pop's house, so the rest of us came home and did a little light reading.

Today we had a Halloween party at the house. Punky wanted a Halloween party like he would have had at regular school, so I made up a little one for him. We purchased cupcakes and cookies, pizza and candy. We made a gingerbread Haunted House and listened to fun Halloween music. This was followed by watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I think it was a ton of fun, even the adults got dressed up!!!!

***Note that I chose a picture that did not include me...hell will freeze over first. :)

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