Monday, October 26, 2009

Snake diagrams and what makes Mama shiver.....

The day started off ok. We all gathered at church but Punky had a meltdown about how loud the band was and demanded to leave. Husband took him out into the lobby while the rest of us stayed for the sermon. Monkey fell asleep, and we never heard a peep from him the entire sermon. The pastor touched on some things that really spoke to my heart. He talked about how fulfilling our life would be if we stopped obsessing about worldly things (facebook, celebrities, sports), etc. He advised us to "unplug" whatever obsession we have and focus on our lives. Good points. Without cable tv, we've been focusing much more on each other and creatively occupying our time.

After church, Punky and I played a rousing game of Mancala. It's an ancient counting game using small rocks and cups. We both enjoyed it, so I think we'll be playing it again soon. Afterwords, he played with his tan grams for awhile, which utilizes geometry and logic to create objects/animals/people...his is magnetic so the pieces don't go everywhere and end up in Monkey's mouth.

I ran to Books A Million this afternoon and picked up a few items. I finally purchased "The Creative Family" by Soule that I've been wanting to read for months now. I also got a knitting guide and kit to start this hobby. My Mom has knitted for years, and I wanted to learn how to make more than a blanket for scarf. :) For Punky, I got him a Thanksgiving poetry book and a boy's adventure book of ideas and activities. I had also wanted to buy the "The First Thanksgiving" Step 3 book, but I forgot.

So, this evening, Punky played on PBS kids for awhile (math and science activities/games) while I made dinner for the kids and I. After dinner, Punk read through one of his snake books and drew a few pictures and diagrams of a snake's innards. Joyful. LOL The rest of the evening was spent discussing Halloween plans, watching Home Alone 2 and reading random books.

Tomorrow I'd like to work on math a little (worksheets, dice game, math manipulates) and then discuss more about space. We're coming to an end of our unit study for now..there is a space shuttle launch on November 12th, and I think that will be one of our last days studying space for the time being.

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