Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kitchen Love

November 6:

Today I am thankful for my kitchen. I decided to make baked potato soup, homemade butter rolls and cinnamon rolls for dinner tonight. It's so chilly out (real feel of 38 tonight!!!! ) that a warm soup was in order. And what's a warm soup without a good bread? And what's a nice warm dinner without a yummy warm dessert? So, while I was measuring ingredients, preheating the oven and pouring milk into little cups for the kids...I realized how very thankful I am for my kitchen. A kitchen full of food waiting to be turned into deliciousness. A kitchen stocked with the basics, along with appliances, tools and equipment needed to keep this family of four well fed and nourished. I often take for granted that I have all this available to me (how often we've gotten take out or eaten at a restaurant, oy!). Today I am very,very thankful for cooking skills, a kitchen and plenty of food to feed my family.

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