Friday, November 12, 2010

Game Night!

November 8:

I'm so very thankful we have family game night pretty often! Am is still a little too young to enjoy the board games, but he'll get his fair share of them soon enough! A usually picks out a few games; and before long, we're giggling and having a good time. Our current favorites are Hedbanz, Trouble Star Wars Edition, Clue Jr and Scrabble. Sometimes we break out the Wii for family game night, but most often it's board games..we have a closet full of 'em! What games do your family enjoy?

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  1. For us it's all about Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Battleship, and Sorry! We have TONS of board games and a Wii, though. Spawn has begun showing some interest lately in learning to play backgammon with DH and I, too.