Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monkey's 1st Birthday!

Dear Monkey,

Today you are one. Today you became a toddler. Today you made me fall in love with you even more. Like everyday.

I couldn't have asked for a happier, sweeter, more charming baby boy. Your giggles, big blue eyes and curly blond hair make my heart happy. You're undying love for Mickey Mouse and Elmo is beyond cute. And your adoration and idolization of your big brother is adorable. The way you look at him and smile EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME HE ENTERS THE ROOM, makes this Mama very happy.

In the mornings, the first person you seek out is your brother. You love to jump into his bed and smother him with kisses, face slaps and hard giggles. You think he's hysterical, and give us a big belly laugh whenever you play with him. I can see it in your eyes that you worship the ground he walks on. It's so precious.

You are definitely a Daddy's boy right now. He is the one you want to hold you and carry you everywhere. But when you are sick or hurt, you are comforted in my Mama's arms. You have only had 2 colds this year, with no other illnesses! I did have to call emergency care one night (Thanksgiving) when you fell off the couch. But, it was nothing to be concerned about, except a giant goose egg on your forehead.

You have learned a few words this year...go, dog, Mickey and Mama. I think you are saying "What's that?" or "who's that?" at times. But your first word was definitely "go." You point at everything, and you are starting to wave hi. You love to dance, which for you, means wiggling back and forth with a head bop.

You wake up in the morning (after getting up once or twice at night...ugh) with a smile on your face. You play in your crib for a long time before you start calling for us. When we enter the room, you squeal in delight. Oh, you make my heart sing.

Your favorite foods are just about anything edible. LOL You've tried a lot: steak, sushi (without raw fish), Mexican food, etc. You devour sweet potatoes and bananas like it's nothing. I guess these are your favorites. The only thing you've snubbed your nose at is squash. Whenever we are eating around you, you race to us and beg for some food. If we are feeding you baby food but see we are eating real food....you refuse your food and beg for ours.

You started walking at 11 month, by taking 3 steps towards your brother. You promptly fell on your butt after walking those few steps...but oh we were so proud!! Ever since, you haven't stopped! You are a mover, for sure! It's hard to keep up with you at times, especially when you pull out all the CD's and DVD's from our entertainment center, race for your brother's open door and pull out all of Mama's Tupperware in the kitchen.

You've travelled all over Florida, been on beach vacations and visited South Carolina this year. You travel very well, and seem to be comfortable no matter where we are. You love strolling around and soaking up your surroundings. You are fascinated by dogs (especially Sam) and any other moving animal.

I love you so very very much Monkey. My wish for you is that you continue to live a happy, giggly life. Never let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams and always, always, keep that beautiful smile and big belly laugh.

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