Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Britney, Bitch!

Last night I went to see Britney Spears with my Mom at Amway Arena. Her and my Dad had given me the tickets for my 33rd birthday. Funny how I'm getting these tickets at 33 years of age..and I'm as giddy as a teenager. I've wanted to see her perform, live and in person, for 11 years now. I've basically worshipped the ground she walked on. Yes, she has had some trouble. She has suffered and recovered. She has made mistakes and bad choices. But she's beautiful, naive, strong and is one hell of an entertainer. She's a mother of 2 boys, has seen enough heartache in her lifetime and copes with daily struggles. I don't condone her drug use or her behavior at times...I'm not even sure she's a role model I'd want my children to admire. But I know the difference between right and wrong..I can make my own choices based on my own thoughts/ideas/experiences/morals. I do not need Britney to make them for me, like a child or teen would. So, yes, I love Britney. Always have, always will. Her dancing, her music, her videos, her style, her beauty...

I wrote the following email for a friend, and wanted to include it here as a memento of the experience:

Ok, So Mom got here at 5pm and we left for the arena. Should have only been about 50 minutes..took us 90 minutes due to a bad storm and traffic on I4 going very slow. We were able to park in the first lot next to the arena, in a handicapped space because my Dad purchased a parking ticket for us (Mom has a handicap pass).

So, we got there at 6:30, which is when the doors opened. We were literally the third "couple" to go in. So, we immediately went to see where our seats were.


We were in the first section on one end of the stage. The stage was in the round so there was no "front". It took nearly the entire floor of the arena so we were CLOSE. I mean, CLOSE. The pics won't show how close we were (since they never seem as close in pics as in person).

After we found our seats (and we end the end of the row), we went to look around. Found a security guard to take our pic with a Britney poster and he said we could take pics. Yay. Bought a cool tote bag and key chain. Grabbed a soda and cinnamon roasted pecans and walked around some more. Saw people of all ages, races and sexual orientation. LOL Lots of stripper wannabes, children and old people! I was shocked at the amount of people my age and my Mom's age. I didn't feel uncomfortable AT ALL.

So, at 8pm, we grab our seats and there is an empty seat in front of me. I think it may have been one of about 20 seats in the entire arena that weren't filled. It was packed.

First on stage was Kristina DeBurge (who sings Goodbye). She was good, but nothing special. Only sang 2 songs. Next up was OneCall..which is a new Johnny Write (Darkchild) group from Orlando. Reminded me of NSync. Very young. Good singers and good dancers but VERY cheezy. I laughed a lot.

Then Jordin Sparks took the stage. She sang "Battlefield", "Tattoo", "SOS", another hit I can't remember and then "No Air". She was great.

Then the 360 degree curtain above the center ring said "The Circus will start in 20 minutes". At 9pm. Now I'm getting way excited.

The Big Apple Circus came out and about 20 performers from there did their thing..included sword swallowers, contortionists, acrobats, etc

At 1 minute to go, I'm getting crazy hyped. Everyone stands and starts cheering and clapping. I'm ready to cry and I'm holding my breath. Had to remember to breathe.

At 10 seconds, everyone yells the countdown. The arena goes dark. The curtain comes all the way down to the floor. This curtain takes up almost the entire floor of the arena and goes in a complete circle. A movie starts and I hear "Break The Ice" in the background. The movie is Perez Hilton dressed as a Queen of the freak show. There are all sorts of freaks and clowns in the movie...and Perez is telling us all about the circus that will be before us. He says Ms. Spears is the ringleader. I'm screaming at this point. I just want to cry. Everyone around us is my age and screaming as well. I'm so psyched!!!

The curtain goes up, and Britney comes down, dressed in a robe, from the ceiling, She takes off the robe, we see her blonde hair and blinging outfit. Everyone goes bananas. She says, "It's Britney Bitch." Bananas I tell you.

From here on in, it's a whirlwind. She was all over the stage, we were so close, I could see her sweating. Her dancing is AMAZING. I sit for only like 10 minutes the entire time. She sang:

Piece of Me (from a cage that gets wheeled around the set)
Radar (from stripper poles, very cool)
OOh ooh baby/Hot As Ice (where they make her magically appear and they cut her in half)
Boys (with acrobatic bicyclist all over)
If You Seek Amy
Me Against The Machine (bollywood style, beautiful)
Freak Show
Get Naked
Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand medley (she gets carried up high in the air, with only a guy holding cool)
Do Something (with handheld fireworks)
I'm A Slave For You (she gets hoisted up in a cup like thing that makes it look like she's magically floating and below her, the entire stage is on fire)
Every time (She sang it live on an umbrella that swings all over the set). Afterwords, when the stage went dark, she ran over and kissed her 2 little boys on the side of the stage.
Baby One More Time Remix

There were 50 acrobats and dancers all over the place. There was never a dull moment. So much to look at. The movie screen was way cool and enhanced the show. There was fireworks, showers of confetti, fire, magic, etc. It was incredible.

Then the curtain goes all the way to the floor and it's a humongous movie of all her videos. Then the curtain lifts and she's dressed as a cop, and sings Womanizer as her encore.

IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Mom and I just had so much fun. I almost cried at the beginning and then again during "Baby One More Time" because I couldn't believe 11 years later, of loving her to death, I was finally seeing her!!! It really was a dream come true. Sounds really dumb..I mean, it's Britney Spears. But I've wanted this so badly for 11 years. It's hard to explain.

But my Mom totally got it. I'm so glad she went with me, because she made it so much fun. She danced and sang and stood with me the whole time. She yelled, screamed for Britney and went bananas too. We were both on the verge of tears together. I tell you, she's the best!

It was literally one of the best nights of my life. And Mom and I are planning the next Britney tour. We're going to save our money and get those coveted floor seats (where about 100 ppl stand next to the stage).

Stacy, I can't say this enough. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

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